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At World Bocce League, we combine the traditional old world game of bocce ball and top of the line customer service to provide you and your friends with the true experience of one of the world’s greatest games. Phil Ferrari, a U.S National Singles Champion and three time Gold Medalist, created and founded the World Bocce League to provide players with a unique experience and to introduce this world renowned game to a new generation of players that would otherwise never get the opportunity. 

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The World Bocce League provides players with all the essentials to ensure that your bocce experience is truly one of a kind. We offer a broad variety of services that cover every aspect of bocce ball, and a dedicated staff designed to bring you support on every question that you may have regarding game rules, information, and products.

Our bocce ball products include a variety of different selections, featuring instructional material and rules to help you advance your knowledge of the game and improve each time you pick up the ball. We also include the highest quality bocce ball products, featuring the World Bocce League bocce ball set, which is essential for all players new or experienced. Visit our Bocce Ball Products page, to see how our extensive collection can help enhance your game.

Call or visit our bocce events page and check out our exciting new deals and announcements from the World Bocce League, featuring all you need to know about upcoming events and tournaments where you can put your skills against others. The World Bocce League is designed to bring everything you need from the world of bocce ball right to your front door step.